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◆The industry10Years of experience design、The construction team,Customize the most suitable solution for you
●Computer room power supply:Computer room power calculation、Power distribution cabinet design、Wire and cable and air outlet、PDUConfiguration
●Lightning protection grounding:Engine power and equipment grounding、Electromagnetic shielding
●Backup power supply:UPSAnd maintenance free storage battery
●The air conditioning system:Precision air conditioning and fresh air system
●Security system:Computer room power environmental monitoring、Video monitoring、Entrance guard
●Fire protection system:Seven fluorin propane gas fire extinguishing alarm and
●Integrated wiring:Computer integrated wiring

◆The pass of the material:The material is made of high quality products,Quality to ensure that meet national standard
◆The pass of personnel:All system links all have high quality technicians
◆The pass of construction management:To carry out the strict construction management system
◆The pass of quality assurance:The whole room provide minimum one year warranty,Product warranty three years
◆8Has its own professional construction team,No subcontract,Never delay
◆20More than a professional engineer,Customize the most suitable solution for you
◆10A certified constructor as a project manager,Timely solve all problems in the construction

◆Emergency events0.5Hours response,2Hours door to door
◆Door-to-door service,The core components to provide spare parts service
◆Regular visit services,The initiative to eliminate hidden dangers
◆IndependentCRMManagement software,To provide seamless、Continuous service guarantee

The room integrated wiring system
Room for disaster protection system
Computer room lightning protection and grounding system
Fire alarm and gas fire extinguishing system
Computer room power distribution system
Computer room decoration system
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